DinVim FAQ

How to edit init.vim or .vimrc?

To edit the configuration file open “Preferences” menu item in the “DinVim” main menu. The “init.vim” file itself is located inside the app sandbox directory here:

$HOME/Library/Containers/ru.brrm.dinvim/Data/Library/Application Support/DinVim/config/nvim/init.vim

For example:

/Users/daniel/Library/Containers/ru.brrm.dinvim/Data/Library/Application Support/DinVim/config/nvim/init.vim

The reason to that is that the app is secured in the macOS sandbox, and only has access to the files in the container, or the files that you explicitly have given it access to.

How to run DinVim from command line?

Use “open -a” command. For example:

open -a DinVim MainActivity.java

This starts up DinVim and opens “MainActivity.java” file in the current directory. For more info type “man open”.